Chrysalis SMS CBD

Chrysalis SMS CBD

Oct 26th 2019

Single Molecule Separation (SMS) for Maximum Bio-availability!

Already known for the highest quality and purity of its products, beginning in 2020, Chrysalisäproducts will be advanced even further with the introduction of Single Molecule Separation (SMS) of their CBD. Because of its dedication to a science-based approach to providing their customers the very best products, Chrysalis has developed a highly proprietary processing methodology that maximizes the bio-availability of the 99%+ pure natural CBD in its products. Chrysalisäintends to trademark this product as Chrysalis Single Molecule Separation (SMS) CBDä, and is researching the opportunity to patent the process.

Throughout the industry, many companies and customers alike have heard (and experienced) that most CBD products marketed today are only about 5-7% bio-available. This is largely due to poor delivery methodologies and the rudimentary form of the CBD offered by other companies. CBD molecules, particularly those dispensed in the hemp oil, naturally “clump” together and become difficult for the body to process. Endocannabinoid receptors, particularly those within the human cell are unable to access the large groupings because they are too big to penetrate the mitochondria of the cell.

Determined to provide its customers maximized benefit, Chrysalisäscientists developed a multi-stage process that allows the CBD to become many times more bio-available at the cellular level, thereby delivering much more CBD to the body’s receptors. Scientifically-coupled synergistic ingredients are also contained in many of the products providing an even greater entourage effect.

Chrysalis worked closely with the leader in Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) to further verify its remarkable breakthrough. In a world’s first ever event, a single CBD molecule was imaged with AFM. The image of the molecule can easily be compared to the traditional ball-stick model used historically to visualize the cannabidiol (CBD) molecule.

Chrysalis dedication to its customers by providing the very best premium CBD products the world has been advanced even further with the development of Chrysalis Single Molecule Separation (SMS) CBD.

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